Skilehrerlech Vermittlung e. U. is an agency for conveyering ski instructors and mountainguides.


Skilehrerlech Vermittlung e. U. is an agency for conveying ski instructors mountain guides in the Arlberg region. The ski instructor and mountain guide acts in his own name, on his own account and on his own risk. Place of jurisdiction: Austria, Austrian law applies exclusively. 
It is important to register as early as possible. Registration is done via our contact form through our homepage. By sending your enquiry you accept that Skilehrerlech Vermittlung e. U. is an Agency supplying ski instructors and mountain guides. Full and final responsibility lies with the ski instructor / guide appointed to the group. 
PRICES AND OBLIGATIONSThe prices are for one person and include the fees for the instructor / guide. Group prices are valid only when the minimum number of participants is reached. All payments are to be settled in full before the guiding session or course begins. 

To confirm your booking, we can ask you to make a deposit per credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. Please make the rest of the payment (ski instructor / mountain guide fee) directly to your guide in cash on the first guiding day. 

Each guest must have accident insurance as well as repatriation insurance. 

Skilehrerlech Vermittlung e. U. reserves the right to cancel a tour because of an insufficient number of participants, or because of unfavourable weather or avalanche conditions. We will not cancel a trip unless we are obliged to do so by ‘force majeure’ such as government intervention, political or civil unrest, flight cancellations or an act of God and other unforeseeable circumstances, or if the number of fully paid-up bookings needed to operate the trip has not been reached. If we cancel a trip for one of these reasons refund is given minus any expenses which we have incurred on guests behalf and which cannot be refunded. If we cancel a trip we will not be liable for any expenses which may have incurred as a result of a guests booking or in expectation of the trip taking place such as costs relating to visas, vaccinations, connecting air flights and any other expenses. The ski instructor / mountain guide who is guiding the group can make the decision to break off a tour or to modify it. Where a tour is broken off, the costs for the guest will be calculated in relation to the length of the tour carried out. Should the guide have to break off the tour because of insufficient physical or mental ability of the guest, no refund will be made. Any extra costs are to be paid by the guest. 

Less than 14 days before the booked date, you must pay the full fee! Place of jurisdiction Austria! Austrian law applies exklusively! 

Information disclosure obligation according to § 5 E-Commerce Law, § 14 of the Commercial Code and § 63 Trade Regulations and disclosure requirements according to § 25 of the Media Act.


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